Strawberries are at their best taste when picked ripe and eaten straightaway. They’re juicy red and full of sweetness with every bite. You can’t stop yourself munching one after the other.

It simply amazes me how a small flower can transform into something so red and sweet.

Ti strawberry farm  IMG_9908

I remember when I was pregnant with Isabella. I finished a large punnet of fresh strawberries in a blink of an eye! That’s how good fresh strawberries are! Beyond compare from what you can buy from the groceries.

Ti Strawberry Farm, located at 263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook WA is open again to the public for their Pick Your Own Strawberries. This is close to The Maze and Outback Splash, North of Perth.

This is already our second time picking strawberries at Ti Farm. The experience is really awesome and very memorable. Picking strawberries and eating them at the same time is enjoyable enough, but when you do this together with family and friends, it makes the whole experience even more special.

IMG_9929 strawberry picking  IMG_9919

If you plan to go strawberry picking at Ti Farm, remember to wear close shoes or be prepared to get your feet dirty. Bring a cap or hat to protect you from the sun and it’s a good idea to put on sunscreen lotion. They also provide a portaloo in case you need to do number 1 (but not number 2. Hahaha!).

They will be open Saturdays and Sundays (9:00am – 5:00pm) from 5th September onwards. They will also be open every day of the upcoming school holidays.

Charges for the 2015 season will be: $10.00/tray (fits approx. 4-5 kg of fruit) – includes entry for one person (one adult or child) plus $2.00 cover charge for each additional adult or child in the group and the best part… you are welcome to eat as many as you want while you are there!

After strawberry picking, we went for a quick side trip to Swanville Citrus at Swan Valley to buy some mandarins.

IMG_9931 IMG_9936 IMG_9952 IMG_9958

Amazing how much fruit this one tree has.

We just took photos and that’s it– no more picking this time. Couldn’t wait to take a shower after a long day.

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