Our beloved Catherine “Cathy” Fave has been diagnosed of a likely metastatic cancer -(one that has spread from the primary site of origin, or where it started, into different areas of the body).

 Cathy migrated to Australia from the Philippines in 2009 and was a very active member of the SFC (Singles for Christ – CFCA). She made lots of good friends in that community. She moved to New Zealand in July 2017 and she stayed and worked there since.

 In  November 2020, she felt a pain in her abdomen and she thought it was just a normal dysmenorrhea. But after a week, she already experienced abdominal bloating. This alarmed her and immediately went to GP. GP did some tests and advised her to go the hospital immediately.

 She’s now confined in Auckland City Hospital. She underwent 2 ultrasound tests, CT scan and biopsy and the doctor confirmed it is cancer.  

 Cathy is still single and no family nor kids. She’s just living by herself and no one can take care of her and be with her in this very trying time. She badly needs her parents care.  Cathy does not have a source of income because of her situation so we would like to knock on your hearts to please help us raise the funds to bring her parents from the Philippines to New Zealand. Funds raised will be used for her parents airfare and quarantine expenses when they arrive in New Zealand.

 It is Cathy’s 39th birthday this coming 15 Jan 2021. Our financial support to have her parents to take care of her would be a perfect birthday gift for her.

Any amount will greatly help Cathy. No amount is too small.

 You can click Donate Button to make a donation via paypal.

You can also make offline donation thru bank transfer:


Account Number:


Please let us know if you have a message to send to Cathy. We will send her a birthday / get well soon card and we can include your message in the card. You can also message her personally in Facebook Messenger if you wish.  

Thank you very much for your generosity. May God bless you a thousand-fold.





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