Hi! My name is Twinkle. Nope, this is not my nickname. Twinkle is my real birth name! My mum saw the stars twinkle in my eyes and heartily named me… Twinkle! I admit it was not always easy having this name.

When I was younger, I was often teased, especially by my classmates. I got a lot of strange reactions when I told people my name. They would always ask, “Is that your real name?” As I grew older, I learned to appreciate it. And now, I am making a blog from my name. How cool is that?!!

I am not an expert cook and I never even had formal lessons. I just love to cook for my family and friends, and Twinkle’s Kitchen is where I can share my passion for cooking with all of you.

About my Blog

Twinkle’s Kitchen is a fun and friendly place for readers to get ideas on what they can cook for their family. What you will find here are simple and tasty recipes your family and friends will enjoy. This will also be an interactive site where my cooking buddies can share their best recipes with everyone.

About Me

I am from the Philippines, but migrated to Australia in 2010. When I first came to Australia, I only knew how to cook a couple of dishes. Since no one else would cook for me, I had to learn by myself. Luckily, I survived and now I lost count of how many dishes I have cooked. 

Whenever I get positive compliments from friends, I feel inspired to cook even more, try out other recipes, and even create my own.

There is one recipe that is so memorable to me– I call it my magical winning recipe. It is called “Sharshado” (I will be sharing the recipe very soon). Because of this recipe, I won the heart of my now hubby Rey Lacson, just like magic! (Yeah, I know it’s cheesy). I can still remember the look on his face and how he said “Yummmmmm” the first time he tasted it.

I also have a 2 year old daughter who is very cheeky (just like me) and who loves to eat as you can see….

Keeping in Touch

There are many ways to keep in touch with me.

You may click subscribe below and we can be buddies! Recipes will be sent straight to your inbox. You may also join me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also contact me here.

I truly hope your family and friends will enjoy the recipes I will be sharing with you. If you try out a recipe, please let me know! I will be happy to know about your experience. You can send me a photo and I can post it here. You may also want to send your photo, tell me about yourself, and share a recipe that you think people would love to cook. That would be awesome!

Thank you for reading this far!

Happy Tummy Buddy!

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